#Children's Rights
Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama
United States of America

They went to the school, gave out laptop computers, desktop computers and iPads, that were placed in the hands of the children, only for them to be taken, with the lie told to them, that the school faculty was setting them up, and they'd be able to returned, but come to find out it was a PR strategy, for Ellen's show, leaving the babies confused and haphazardly sad. Please help us get them back to the school, not only, to publicly apologize, but to also make good on the words they uttered, on the circulating videos, where they look like saviors and saints.

Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres to return to Randle Highlands and really give out iPads, to all the children they fictitiously gave them to in the horrible video, that was only for the purpose of boosting Ellen's ratings. Totally disgusting, there was no regard giving to how those babies would feel, being lied to by adults. Actually telling them, the iPads needed to be programmed, specifically for them, but it was nothing more than a calculated trick.

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