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Dimension Films and New Line Cinema

I've been to a lot of fan sites after the movie Freddy vs Jason, and there was a lot of talk about Micheal Myers being in the second film. But then there was talk of Evil Deads' Ash being in it, but thats not going to happen either. I see that as a chance for Myers to come back. But on a recent forum I read, it says that Dimension Films would not sell there character to New Line Cinema.

I created this petition for the many fans of these three franchises who would like to see them go head to head, in the Freddy vs Jason sequel or even in the possible third.

We, the undersigned fans of the three great franchises Micheal, Freddy and Jason would like to petition Dimension Films and New Line Cinema to include Micheal Myers in any possible Freddy vs Jason sequels. It is clearly what the fans want.

It would be a great disappointment if these two were on there own again or with any other horror franchise.

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