True Michael Jackson Fans



Michael Jackson announced 50 shows for his "This is It" concert last March and on March 10th we saw one of the fastest ever ticket sales for a concert ever and those of us lucky enough to get a ticket were left amazed and excited with only 5 months to wait to see the concert.

Many of us who had purchased tickets for the opening concerts and have already purchased flight tickets and hotels e.t.c. have received an email informing us of our concerts being rescheduled not two or three weeks but a grand total of 10 months from purchase!

Many of us now are left unable to go or are feeling disappointed in having taken so much effort to get tickets for the opening performances to be put to the very end of the concert run.

While we have no Idea who's fault this is, Whether it is the The 02, AEG Live or Michael Jackson himself's decision or fault.

We the undersigned are asking for the management of the Concert to please reconsider this decision, Whether it is to cancel the rescheduling partially , specifically the 14th of July show which was rescheduled to being the FINAL show while the 8th July show was only rescheduled to the 13th July or to Reschedule the concerts to a free time in July or August.

I call on whoever made this controversial decision to please reconsider!

Please do not punish us for buying tickets first!



Update June 26, 2009


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