Christians and those who believe in heaven

To all those non believers and haters of Michael jackson who say he is in well you know where, i have one thing to say, Judge not lest you be judged.

In his lifetime, Michael Gave and did not stop giving, to over 35 different charities, he also as the book of James read Visited orphans and gave to aids and cancer patients in the children's hospital often in secret as matthew 6 says to do all your charitable deeds in secret

MJ did not openly promote his Charity for self gain
and all of these good deeds and the music he gave us which was always clean, compared to what is out there today get swept away when the tabloids jump all over the lies and allegations of him, saying the most hurtful things that anyone who has seen an interview or watch him live on stage would be able to tell you is utter trash, he was innocent and he loved god and Jesus very much.

Whether you believe in Jesus or not, please sign as a fan who believes Michael is not hurting or alone anymore.

Peace in the lord our god

Me and a few others from michaeljacksonportrait.com believe the singer and humanitarian michael Joseph jackson is in peace with the lord, not because of the deeds he did or how famous he was but because he had a heart for the lord our god and we also believe jesus is a fair and just judge of character and he knew michael's heart

According to some sources michael accepted christ, others say he always had christ in his heart and then there is the fact andrae crouch and sandra did pray and sing with him three weeks before he died and michael was very open to the spirit of jesus christ, he did not Reject him because we believe he knew him :)

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