Minister for Environment Melissa Price

VicRoads has been given the tick of approval by Environmental MP Melissa Price to widen a 12km stretch of the Western Highway near Ararat . Works are about to commence in Jan 2019. If this goes ahead the destruction of native flora and fauna is at risk. This includes an 800 year old red gum birthing tree where 50+generations have been born. Heritage listed and protected native vegetation and wildlife such as the Sugar Glider and Red Tailed Black Cockatoo who are already both a protected endangered species. This stretch of land is also Culturally significant to the descendants of the Djapwurrung People who were almost extinct themselves due to the massacres upon colonialism. This important landscape is all that's left for the Djapwurrung descendants, stop this government taking anymore! 80,000+years of Culture smashed for 3 minutes less travel time is shameful.! Australia should be proud of its heritage and the environment needs to be saved for future generations to come. Please sign this petition and let MP Price know that violence against our homelands is never ok.
Always was. Always will be.

We, the signees want these destructive acts of violence against the land to end. We are fed up with hearing it's all about economic growth!

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