Everyone who has suffered because of negligent acts by medical practitioners

Do you know that if a Doctor seriously injures or kills a patient through neglect of duty that they are exempt from facing criminal charges? The Medical Negligence laws in Australia protect those butchers who maim or kill our loved ones in public hospitals.

How is it acceptable that medical professionals who are entrusted with our loved ones lives as well as our own lives can escape being made accountable for permanent injury or death and cannot be made to front a Court of Law for their actions due to medical inaction or error?

They are being protected by the Australian Govt to avoid lawsuits by the countless victims who have suffered due to medical negligence and dereliction of duty to those they claim to serve.

Stop this now! Don't let Australia's public hospitals become human abattoirs by making medical negligence a criminal act! We can't afford to let these butchers continue to work in our health system!

We make our laws, not chunky overpaid bureaucrats who act in the best interests of their political party instead of the people!

We, the undersigned demand on the Australian Govt to change medical negligence laws to make those who practice medicine that are guilty of medical negligence face criminal charges.

We will not accept negligent acts in our health system that allows doctors to disfigure, permanently injure or cause death to the Australian people and allow them to be protected by the legal system.

We want those that commit and participate in medical negligence brought before a criminal court to face charges for harming and maiming human lives placed in their hands.

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