President and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia

We urge the Indonesian government, especially the President and the Minister for the Environment and Minister for the Health as well as environmental and animal rights organisations to recognise the many benefits of a meat-free diet.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization released an astonishing report on June 5th 2009, stating that livestock agriculture is responsible for contributing a significant part of causing environmental pollution around the world. Animal agriculture’s 'contribution' to global warming is larger than the emissions from the entire transportation sector from around the globe. A 2006 a UN Report titled, “Livestock’s Long Shadow” supported this with the conclusion that global livestock farming generates roughly one-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions, more than all of transport combined.

This petition calls for the Indonesia government to take immediate action by adopting “Meat Free Mondays” and promoting the many health and environmental benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle to the general public.

Every time you eat a meal free of animal products, you save 2.5 lbs. of greenhouse gas emissions, 24 square feet of land, and 133 gallons of water. If you eat three meals a day, that totals 2,737.5 lbs. of greenhouse gas, 26,280 square feet of land and 145,635 gallons of water per year, plus more.

- http://www.pbjcampaign.org/

A study in 2008 concluded that the production of 2.2 lbs of beef would cause the same amount of carbon emissions as an average European car driving 155 miles. The amount of energy burnt was enough to light a 100watt bulb for almost 20 days.

There are 1 billion people going hungry every day in the world. Crops that could be used to feed 2 billion hungry people are instead being used to fatten animals raised for food. According to a recent report by Compassion in World Farming, it takes up to 16 pounds (7.25kg) of grain to produce just 1 pound (0.4536kg) of edible animal flesh.

So if you want to stop 1 billion people from going hungry each day; if you want to stop the needless deaths taking place every 5 seconds due to starvation then a vegetarian lifestyle is the solution to solve these dire diet-driven situations due to the inefficient use of resources directed towards animal agriculture.

Nobel Laureate, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, head of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has stated, “Please eat less meat; meat is a very carbon intensive commodity ...” and “The single action that a person can take to reduce carbon emissions is vegetarianism.”

Let's show the Indonesia government that we are ready and willing to act.

Please support the earth -saving and humanitarian concept of Meat-free Mondays.


Ghent, Belgium has shown leadership and recognized the importance of promoting vegetarianism as a solution to addressing climate change and reducing its carbon footprint by asking its citizens to go meatless one day a week.


Other countries and institutions are also recognizing the need to promote pure vegetarianism (veganism). The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) will be cutting meat (and dairy) from the menus of hospitals across the UK in an effort to cut costs and carbon. Its one part of NHS hospitals strategy to reduce carbon emissions throughout the hospital system.

Following Paul McCartney's Meat Free Monday mission in the UK, Israeli restaurants are also participating in going veggie for at least one day a week.



As seen above, cutting down meat brings about many benefits to people and the environment. We need to reduce our consumption of this carbon intensive product to halt the rapidly warming of our planet.

This petition calls for the Indonesia government to take action now. This will show Indonesia's sincerity and commitment to tackling climate change.

We urge the Indonesia government to promote every Monday as a day when the citizens of Indonesia will abstain from meat products in a concerted effort to protect the environment and halt global warming.

We call on everyone’s support in expressing to the Indonesia government the need for Indonesia to adopt and promote a meat free Monday.

Let your voice be heard in Indonesia and around the world join the meat free, meat less, and meat out campaigns - Sign & Spread the petition anyway you know how.

Please also visit http://www.meatfreepetition.com

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