We have confirmed informations that in every ending in Mass Effect 3 Normandy will crash on remote planet and shepard will b separated from his crw, lov interst and friends.

We want ending where Shepard is at least with his love interest together!

This is petition to BioWare. We want ending in Mass Effect 3, where Shepard is together at last with his Lov Interest.

W have several propositions:
1) Normandy crashing on Earth, not remote planet.
2) Love Interest is with Shepard not on Normandy.
3) As usually in game 2 squad members who are with Shepard stay with him.
4) Shepard is crashing on this planet with them and stays with his Love Interest.
5) Normandy with all crew simply stays on Earth.
6) Shepard is rescuing them month after Mass Effect 3.

Don't agree on those sad, disappointing endings!

We propose to get us DLC or patch with nding like that. It's not big deal for you and you may not disappoint lot of fans!

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