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Geeks and True Believers in the Awesome Power of the Spaced

In 1997, something truly wonderful happened - Jessica Stevenson's (now Hynes) and Simon Pegg's minds met in perfect comedy-unison to create the wonderful, idiosyncratic, geek-proud series that was Spaced.

It was beautiful - the awesome Channel 4 was home to Tim and Daisy's misadventures for two series - and we loved them for it. Along with The Almighty's (Edgar Wright's) magical single-camera cinematic touch, Heaven was Brought to Earth, never to be repeated.

Or so we thought.

Announced in Variety, McG and Barr are now at the helm of a new americanized 'Spaced', with none of the original three being even consulted for guidance. For Shame!

We, the undersigned, the geeks of the Earth standing proud united, will not support an americanised version of 'Spaced'.

We believe that it should remain as we originally loved it - untainted and unsullied.

To those executives hoping to cash-in on the success of 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz' - you will fail. This petition is to announce to you that your target audience will make sure to turn it's back on you.

Our main anger at your behaviour is the decision to not consult the original creators of the show, leaving the director to find out in Variety; this will cost you dearly. Had you acted in a more respectful manner, the reception to this news may have differed.

And if you ever decide to venture to San Diego Comic Con with your abomination - be prepared for Holy War on our sacred soil. Our internet powers will defeat you.

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