Office Of The Mayor Of The City Of New York
United States of America

The New York City Council has voted to extend the two term limit for themselves, as well as for the Office of Mayor. Mayor Bloomberg, who, himself, said that it was "disgusting" to try to overturn term limits, has won his battle to extend the term limits by legislative fiat. NYC voters TWICE voted on keeping term limits for any Mayor or member of the City Council to TWO terms, not three.

By seeking a third term exclusively for himself, the Mayor has completely disregarded the will of the people of the City of New York

Through legislative fiat, the Mayor has succeeded in overruling the voice of the people, and has subverted the law to suit his own interests.

We, the undersigned, urge that Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, NOT seek a third term for Office of the Mayor Of the City of New York.

The Mayor, HIMSELF stated that it would be "disgusting" to try to overrule the voice of the people that TWICE voted to KEEP the term limits as they were- e.g., TWO terms.

Now, in a bid to "save" the city during our current fiscal crisis, the Mayor is of the opinion that only HE can do so, and would like to continue on the path he has started, by manipulating the laws of the City Council to clear his way to run for a third term.

Though Mayor Mike has won his extension, we, the undersigned, urge Mayor Mike NOT to run, as he clearly is not demonstrating an understanding of the democratic process and the wish of the voters for him to NOT seek a third term.

Mayor Mike- will you put your ego aside this time, and let the voice of the people speak? Time to step aside, and let other candidates show what they can do for our city.

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