Noblesville Schools of Hamilton County, IN
United States of America

Currently, Noblesville High School does not require that student-athletes wear masks or social distance during shared-space practices. With the rise of COVID-19 cases globally, as well as within NHS, we are requesting that a mask mandate be enforced during time in which these athletes cross paths, as well as during the large majority of their workout*.

With nearly, 200 deaths within Hamilton County, and positive cases to date reaching over 15,000, it is troubling that the Noblesville School Administration has not yet required masks during times of physical activity.

The safety of all athletes, coaches, and sports teams should be a top priority.

While mask/ facial coverings are the most effective way of ensuring the safety of above mentioned parties, each sport would have to require masks in a different capacity.

**For example, while actively in the pool, swimmers and/or divers shall be exempt from a mask requirement to ensure their safety. However, when outside of the pool (on pool deck, locker rooms, weight-room, etc...) masks shall be required.
For other sports, such as softball, basketball, baseball, golf, football, soccer, cheerleading, dance, guard, and all other non-water sports, masks shall be required. This is to ensure the safety of all athletes and coaches.

*During all sports practices, it is understandable that athletes may need to lower their mask to take in hydration, or to quickly regain their breath after physical activity (while maintaining a 6ft social distance). In both of these situations, we are requesting that masks remain on in a lowered position, then replaced over the mouth and nose promptly after completing above tasks.

Preventative masks and social distancing are proven to be the most effective measures in the fight against COVID-19. Requiring these measures could potentially save the lives of NHS students and staff.

We, the undersigned, request that Noblesville School Corporation requires that all student athletes wear face coverings during all practices**

(See above Preamble for details regarding special situations)

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