Office of Utilities Regulation

People within the Christiana, Manchester and surrounding areas are being fleeced out of their hard earned monies to pay the unjust bill of $7000 Jamaican dollars for internet services provided by Mars Cable Vision. Their head office is located in Mandeville, Manchester and they have an office in Christiana, Manchester. Several reports to them, have been proven futile. The service is constantly slow or not working at all. Persons have to restart their routers at least 10 times per day to get some service. This is below the standard of service. We only receive internet service, no cable. We pay for 20 mbps, some people pay for 10. We are being taken advantage of, because no major providers, such as FLOW JM, offer their services within certain Christiana and surrounding areas. We would love for the OUR to regulate this. Thank you.

We the disadvantaged customers of Mars Cable Vision, call for the Office of Utilities Regulation to take action against Mars Cable Vision for their unfair prices and poor service.

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