J. K. Rowling
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There should be a TV series focusing on the Marauder Era. Almost all Harry Potter fans asked agreed enthusiastically.

The undersigned are all in favor of this brilliant idea, and would watch this show to death.

Instead of a movie based on this era, it should be a series, because a movie would not go into enough detail.

Please take note that people from all over the world have signed this, as evidenced in the "region" field.

I am planning on sending this if and when it reaches around half the number of Harry Potter books sold (to show a kind of majority). However, if I notice that the signature rate has begun to drop off and I think that the petition has as many as it will get, I will send it.

We, the undersigned, call on J. K. Rowling to allow a television company, such as BBC or HBO, to create a series focusing on the Marauder Era.

This era includes the time when Harry Potter's parents, James Potter and Lily Evans, were attending Hogwarts, along with the other people in that period of time.

We, the undersigned, understand that it would be a huge, lengthy, and impractical process to make a television series detailing the entire seven years of the Marauders, and so request that this series would have around four seasons, each detailing one year from the Marauder's lives. This would start somewhere around fifth year, and would continue until the end of the era (Peter "dies", Sirius imprisoned, James and Lily dead, Remus dropping off the map for awhile, etc).

We, the undersigned, fully support this idea and call upon J. K. Rowling to help this happen in all ways possible.

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