Galileo Mobility Instruments Ltd.

Technology is being developed that will reinvent the wheel literally! This technology is already
used by the US ARMY, US SPECIAL FORCES, NAVY SEALS ETC, in the form of remote controlled robots in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars that can go anywhere and climb just about anything and everything even stairs YES THAT'S RIGHT:- STAIRS! And just about any type of STAIRS!

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But what is even more exciting is that this same company has an engineering concept model to produce a wheelchair with this technology that will be able to go anywhere, the beach and climb anything, even STAIRS. I have emailed the company to find out when this wheelchair will be produced. They said in the future because of finances! The future, When? 3 months? Next year, or in 2050, when?

A Company that produces robots for the US forces needs finances? Yeah ok! People with disabilities and their families need this wheelchair to be produced YESTERDAY!!! Not tomorrow, not next year and not in 2050!

If it is good enough to help the military then it is good enough to make people with disabilities and their family’s lives a hell of a lot easier! At the moment people with disabilities cannot go to about 95% of places normal people can! But with this wheelchair the percentage rate of places that people with disabilities won't be able to go will drop down to 5% or even less. And I am not only talking about in developed countries, but all over the world! Now I believe the more people who sign this petition the better! Because people power can do anything!

Let's face it, this chair not only will help people with disabilities and their families but also governments all over the world because they won't have to spend billions to make everything suit normal wheelchairs, and in some place this is impossible to do because of historical reasons like in Greece, Italy and Egypt to name a few. All that is needed is this Galileo wheelchair!

The Galileo wheelchair will render just about every other wheelchair USELESS! Even the IBOT from NASA! GONE! OUT THE DOOR! So let’s show this company how much people with disabilities and their families need them to start producing this wheelchair TODAY! PLEASE SIGN

Thank you, Nick Alaveras
Sydney, Australia

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