Der Speigel discovered how both Manchester City and PSG have broken Financial Fair play rules to a whole new extent, and how FIFA's own president Infantino has helped them to do so. The fact these teams can get so financially boosted and get away with it is insane. That's why it arguable if any titles these teams win, is even deserved.

All other teams have limited financial materials and try their best to beat these top teams. Yet when a team gains over 2.7b of which it shouldn't even have, how are teams that are normally ranked lower in the table even supposed to be able to fight teams like Manchester City and PSG.

Manchester City and PSG should both get their UEFA License withdrawn for at least one or two years because they didn't meet the UEFA Fair Play rules. And if someone doesn't meet those rules, they get punished. They shouldn't be an exception.

So thats why I think and believe that Manchester City's and PSG their UEFA License should be withdrawn for at least a year because they didn't meet UEFA Fair play rules.

I ask all true football fans to sign this petition. Personally, I think (and hope I'm not the only one) that football should mainly be the sport we all love and not the headquarters of weird Arab sheikh projects. Manchester City wins trophies mainly because of the sheiks' work and their money. With this slot, I would like to achieve a thorough examination of all Manchester City's financial resources. The main reason for this petition is to achieve maximum justice in the Premier League and other English and international competitions. Having signed this petition, all fair sport fans may feel they have done their utmost for their (and mine) goal.

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