#Residential Disputes
Manager of A. American 10108 Condon Ave. Inglewood, CA
United States of America

June 14, 2006

The new manager has cut my lock off my bin twice; the most recent being May 2006; my rent was not late, even if it was there is room enough to place 3, locks (one being the company's).

He says we can't have 2, locks on our bins, but he has not and cannot produce the addendum to the contract that states that.

I have pictures of 3, locks on my storage, so as I said; cutting the locks off my storage is unnecessary, and illegal.

We believe storage companies should be liable for their employees breaking the law, such a cutting the renter's 2nd lock from their storage, when it is clear that it isn't necessary.

Do not rent storage space from AAmerican Storage until they follow the laws of their contract.

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