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Mr Tony Parker Commissioner of the TN Dept of Corrections
United States of America

Since her incarceration Cyntoia Brown has been a model inmate no write ups no disciplinary action taken against her by staff and gets along well with other inmates she has mentored countless former inmates into becoming productive citizens thus reducing the rate of people returning into the system as repeat offenders.She has assisted the courts as an unpaid consultant.She has obtained her Associates degree and is currently working towards her Bachelors degree her goal is all about service to other people regardless of what walks of life they may have come from.Part of rehabilitation is to reflect a change in one's self as a positive example for others to follow part of Sacrifice is to be fair and do good for others it is what makes the character of the person stand out above the rest it sets the foundation for greater things to accomplish in life it is accepting that there are things bigger than one's self to strive for in this life.

We the undersigned call on the Commissioner of the Tennessee Dept of Corrections Mr Tony C Parker to review a request on behalf of Cyntoia Brown as to consider a transfer to a facility that would be closer to her family friends and supporters due to the hardships when traveling long distances to visit her which over time can be a drain on resources. We are not asking for release of the person that is beyond your purview we are only asking that you review the circumstances that member's of her family endure when they come to visit it benefits everybody by keeping and boasting moral when family,friends maintain continuous contact and share current news and events with a loved one who is incarcerated

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