Treyarch Activision
United States of America

You've played it, you know. Since the games launch, the game developers have insisted on creating a game thats not only easy for everyone to play, but to add things that disable other players. This should not be the case. The game has a lot of issues as it is, and to add to it, they just HAD to add something that only allows you to fire your weapon. I know you've raged from it, as has anyone that has been hit by one in Blackout Mode. You cant do ANYTHING. You cant heal, you cant lay down, you cant ads. NOTHING but fire. Its ridiculous and extremely over powered. Instead of fixing issues such as this, Treyarch finds that fixing emotes is more important. NOPE. #makecodgreatagain

Look, we're all sick of it. The concussion grenade in the Blackout mode is WAY overpowered. The only thing you can do is fire. It needs to be out of the game, as it makes you completely defenseless. You can't do a damn thing. Lets get this removed from the game!!

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