Winnisquam Regional School Board
United States of America

Apple has a program called Apple + Education. With this new program, schools can apply to get discounts on buying Apple products for education. If WRMS were to do this, the middle schoolers would be able to learn about coding with Apple's Swift Programming, learn about the universe using iPad Augmented Reality, or just have access to better tech to do assignments on. Let's face it. The Chromebook computers the school has now are slow and obsolete. With Apple tech, students could have better, more immersive ways of learning, and get assignments done faster because they wouldn't have to wait 10 minutes for slow Chromebooks to load. Also, the iPads will be easier to manage using Apple's ClassKit, which allows teachers to see what kids are doing and how long they are doing it for. If this were to happen, I, James Thibault, as a WRMS student and major Apple enthusiast, would help the school integrate these changes.

We, the undersigned, request that the Winnisquam Regional School District apply for the Apple + Education program to better the technological integration in the District.

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