#Gender Rights and Issues
Adrian Matthews, Manager, Peckham Pulse
United Kingdom

Peckham Pulse's advertised women-only swimming sessions are NOT women-only sessions. They are staffed by male lifeguards. And they are overlooked by the mixed gym sessions.

We want swimming sessions that really are what they say they are: women-only.

It is important to have safe, women-only spaces especially for women who are rape (1 in 10 women - Home Office figures) or domestic violence (1 in 4 women - Refuge figures) survivors. Women who cannot be undressed/unveiled in front of men for religious reasons are excluded from the Peckham Pulse swimming pool. The sessions also exclude other women who choose not to be undressed in front of men.

Many women travel rather than use Peckham Pulse.

Please sign so that these women can use our local swimming pool.

Peckham Pulse is currently offering 60% cover for women-only sessions in its main swimming pool. They have recruited new female lifeguards and tell me that they will have enough female lifeguards to get 100% cover by

They have so far rejected recommendations for making the wider environment that overlooks the pool also women-only during women-only sessions and/or blocking off the viewing areas using awnings or blinds.


We call on Peckham Pulse to make its 'women-only' swimming sessions women-only.

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