Olympics organizers

I think the Olympics is a nice idea, as it brings nations together, but it is very focussed on sports. I know this is officially the whole idea of it and all, but some people don't like sports, so we spend the summer thinking, "God, I'll be glad when this is over!" when we really want to be able to go, "Come on InsertCountryHere!"

It would be really good if a few non-sporting events were added to the Games as well. For example, a music contest, a short story contest, and stuff like that. Because then we can all support our country, not just the people who like sports and can actually understand what is happening on the screen that everyone is cheering about.

Please consider adding some non-sporting events to the Olympics. Not everyone likes/understands sports, so including other events as well as sports could help strengthen each country's national pride during the Olympic year, and increase interest in the Games to people who don't like sports.

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