#City & Town Planning
Charleston County Council
United States of America

Whereas the November 2016 Charleston County Special Use and Sales Tax Referendum may not provide a specific 600 million dollar appropriation for regional, rapid transit and improved local bus service as represented to the public, may also lack specific appropriations for road projects and further,

Whereas improved pubic transit is essential to improving the quality of life and mobility within the region, and finally

Whereas an appropriation of almost two billions dollars will only be authrized by the public if they have perfect confidence in their knowledge of how those funds will be used.

Be it resolved that Charleston County Council act immediately to provide sufficient assurances to the Citizens that the funds will be used as previously represented to the public and that each member of Council will personally committ themselves by public signature and oath to seeing that those representations are honored during the remainder of their time in any public office and as citizens thereafter and that such assurnaces be provided to the public no later than noon, September 27, 2016.

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