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The Student Loans Company is swapping its IT frameworks for 2015/16. We need month to month upkeep installments consolidated in the new plan.

Scottish students as of now get regularly scheduled installments – students in rest of the country merit the opportunity to deal with their accounts amid their studies

I am writing this petition to introduce month to month keeping installments with full-time students accepting understudy support.

Full-time students get finance for living expenses in 3 portions every year. No other gathering in the country gets their pay in that manner; regularly scheduled installments would empower students to deal with their cash in readiness for their graduate profession.

Students need more money provision, for example, credits, gifts and bursaries, with installments, either week after week or month to month contingent upon the level of study.

Please sign this petition if you also want the monthly payment of student finance.

Charlotte Flemming - Finance Leader at http://lainan.fi/
Victorville, CA 92392, United States
Tel: +1-345-985-2470
Fax: +1-345-985-2472

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