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To indian Government

There has been a rise in rape cases across all states of India. Recently there was a severe case against a 23 year old medical student who was brutally assaulted and raped by a group of men. Some men take law into their hand as we are very smooth with them even after they get caught. A case runs for years and their is no justice given to victim. How long can this go.

We need severe measures to protect our women. Take measures before it happens. Install camera everywhere possible and have a thorough check of each vehicle at night time. Remove all tinted glasses from 4 wheelers.

There are many such suggestions. We would also like to hear from all of you.

Make stronger laws to protect women across India. Have fast track courts not only in Delhi but in all states too.

Take severe action against criminals doing these kind of acts. Therefore I request all of you to kindly sign the petition which will help Indian women.

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