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Prime Minister Of Republic Of India

On June 26 2011, the Bombay High Court suggested that Molestation should be made a non bailable offence.

Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice Ranjana Desai orally directed the state government to take action to make the offence (molestation) non-bailable. “As this offence is at present a bailable one, the police tend to take it lightly and don’t take prompt action in such cases. This is what seems to have happened in this case as well. If it is made a non-bailable offence, both the police and anti-social elements will take it seriously,” Chief Justice Shah said. (FROM TIMES OF INDIA)

We, the citizens of India, have decided that enough is enough and we have to take some action. Rich offenders should not be able to escape with their crime due to their luxuriously surplus bank accounts. Hence, we present this petition.

We, the undersigned, call on the Parliament of India to pass legislations which shall make any of the following offences non-bailable (i.e. if a person is arrested under any of these offences, no form of bail should be granted).

The list of offences being:

1. Sexual Assault (or attempt to sexual assault) against anyone irrespective of their sexual orientation;

2. Molestation (or attempt to molestation) against anyone irrespective of their sexual orientation;

3. Any forced sexual interaction (or attempt to forced sexual interaction).

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