#Animal Rights
Menaka Gandhi

October 29, 2004

You all will be sad to know that inside IITs, the popular institutes of the world, vegetarian & non vegetarian food is prepared at the same place. The people who are pure vegetarians face a lot of problems regarding their food. On the days when non-veg is prepared in the hostels, people have to remain hungry or they have to go to far off places to have their food.

The administration is so strict that no one dares to go to dean or director to ask for the solution.If atleast one pure vegetarian mess is opened inside IITs, then the people who are pure vegetarians could go there and have their food.

So its an appeal to all of you to oppose this and join with IITians to request the IIT administration for veg. mess.

I strictly oppose the cooking together of veg & non-veg food inside IITs. It is my humble request the IIT administration & Indian government to arrange for pure vegetarian food for the people who are pure vegetarians.

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