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Pledge your support to make Scotland an Independent nation once again. Let us govern our own affairs and and let our people make our own choices and decisions.

The proposals would see Scotland becoming an Internationally recognised country, with the Queen as Head of State, governed by an elected Parliament and Prime Minister from Edinburgh, our ancient and current capital.

We would govern our own health system, education, travel, infrastructure, immigration, welfare, defence, culture, sport, and financial institutions. We can set our own tax rates and make the best decisions for everyone in our country, regardless off origin.

We will be a world leader in renewable energies and stabilise our economy with exports and the oil industry. Culture and good living would be encouraged by promoting our history and natural beauty. Gaelic would be heavily promoted and taught in all schools, bringing our national language back into the forefront of our society.

We would keep close and good relations with our neighbours in England and the other devolved countries, having minimal passport checks and good trade agreements.

Sign and pledge your support to give the Scottish people the democratic right to vote on the future of the nation and to make Scotland an Internationally recognised independent country.

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