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Although the new SAT is better, it still only tests the english and mathematical skills of the student. This test should be more diverse and involve more subjects like the sciences and possibly the arts. Also, the colleges will compare the scores of a test taker others, which is unfair. There are those who do well during class, but not tests and vica versa. What if this student is much better in biology than in english? No one would know.

This also builds up on the stress of students. There are extracurricular activites, tight class schedules, upcoming tests, quizzes, projects---not to mention that they may have family issues. With the added pressure of AP classes and SATs, it's no wonder anxiety and depression is increasing in teenagers.

The recent SATs taken was about 3 hours and 45 minutes long. What kind of test really needs to be this long? This will cause fatigue for the students!

We, the undersigned, want to make the SATs optional because they can not measure how knowledgable a student is. After the student takes the test, the score can possibly harm his/her chances of going into a college he or she may want to attend in the future.

This test should be made optional, especially for those interested in subjects other than english and mathematics.

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