Riverwood International Charter School
United States of America

During a Riverwood student's Sophomore year, any student taking Chemistry will be required to complete a science fair project, regardless if they are taking on-level or honors classes. It counts for a significant portion of their grade in Chemistry for the first semester. Riverwood Sophomores also have to complete the majority of an MYP Project during their first semester Sophomore year, which is another huge time commitment on top of the science fair. The MYP project, which is a requirement for all International Baccalaureate schools, is a long-term open-ended project with a suggested work time of 25 hours and is an in-depth exploration of a student's interest. The science fair is not any requirement for the school.
In high school, the majority of students do not want to participate in a science fair. Typically, they just find a project online and copy it just do get it done. Also, science fairs are unfairly biased towards high-income students with connections, finances, and parent involvement to aid them in their project. This disadvantages lower-income students in the judging process, and could negatively impact their grade.
At Riverwood, students are required to complete the science fair and the MYP Project, which is a huge workload on top of their regular studies. Riverwood should still support the science fair, as it fosters science exploration and invention, but should make it optional and intended for students with ideas and interest.
Chamblee Charter High School Blue and Gold Article about making their science fair optional- http://chambleeblueandgold.com/2016/10/teachers-experiment-with-optional-science-fair/

We, the undersigned, call on Riverwood International Charter School, to make the annual science fair optional, and not required for a grade in Sophomore Chemistry.

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