#Children's Rights

Any child who makes the accusation against an adult and is told there is no proof and then left to live the rest of their lives with the knowledge no one helped, no one cared enough to listen is scarred for ever.

The sentence they live is a lifetime of an accuser, the paedophile who took the inner child and destroyed the soul god intended will be able to hold his head high and move to another home where like the ivy within a colourful garden will climb choke and destroy another rose until its petals are all gone.

No crime is ever committed that has no evidence of the perpetrators presence a polygraph test should be made mandatory for all adults accused of crimes against a child on a global scale. I believe if a paedophile knows that a machine will be able to see the pictures he inflicted onto a child and that the truth no longer lays between them and the child, many wont continue this heinous crime. It is so wide spread because the paedophile knows that the likelihood of him ever being stopped and serving time for his crime is almost nil, so he has an open door.

Why is abuse of children more widespread within their own homes?
Because the walls and doors hold the secrets adults chose to bestow
Street crime is down, car jacking- shop-lifting – drug dealing on the streets, muggings, speeding-curb crawling what’s the common denominator in helping these crime figures to decrease. Cameras.

Cameras on ever corner in most city centres - on buses and trains - pubs and clubs-bridges and roadsides - even in some doctors and dentists to protect the workers from attack and most hospitals support camera intervention.

We can not put cameras into the homes YET. I believe Polygraphs should be the camera to protect the young child from the monster within their own homes or used to prove the innocence of the wrongly accused. Domestic abuse and the law has changed and when the police attend they are able to make a decision on whether to prosecute the offender with or without the victim’s cooperation, why don’t we give the same to the child who has been victimised by the same?

Help me to help these little people who live with this heinous crime daily, give them hope give them an olive branch to hang onto.

I know many believe by introducing the lie detector is an infringement of our human rights, what about the rights of the child? Surely any one falsely accused of this crime would do what ever to prove their innocence as fiercely as the parent who would want the guilt of the perpetrator who abused there child proven.

I Sharon Wallace the survivor of some one else’s crime, and we the undersigned, ask that the government change the law and allow our voice to be heard by making polygraph testing mandatory in all accusations of child sex offences, and to allow the result to be used as evidence to convict or clear.

Stop this suffering now give children a voice.

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