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Ask any Santa Rosa County Florida Citizens, or any other for that matter, about the criminal activity going on within these departments and they'll tell you. Between illegally baker acting kids and the elderly under a false and unproven pretense( kidnapping and forcing horrid drug use on innocent sane people for profit ) , to the suspected running of illegal baker act mills across the state, and other horrific crimes, UN-necessary hostility towards civilians, treating all civilians like terrorist, threatening civilians, attempting to intimidate civilians, using excessive force without need, the illegal and wrongful murder of humans, pets, etc, including the elderly, and all other UN-American illegal terrorist acts by law enforcement and of an unconstitutional nature, we have to correct all of these problems.

We the people of the United States Of America, demand legislation that would punish police who commit police misconduct of a severe enough offense, by default if any case they submit is thrown out, or the person found not-guilty. The problem is so epic that we need this intense of a clean up system. Poll the public if you disagree or want more evidence that this is the truth. Such forms of misconduct include: UN-necessary excessive force, murder, illegal baker acting, threats, sadistic statements, intimidation, coercion, stalking, pointing a gun in someones face UN-provoked, shooting another person who is UN-armed, and any other logical occurrence. I believe that Crooked police are pretty much terrorist, despite their skin color, and should be dealt with as such. This is America. The bill, or act, should focus solely on DELIBERATE malicious behavior on police officers behaves against American citizens, and its foreign visitors too. It does this by requiring that In the event of any false arrest, and/or closed case submitted to the courts by an officer, the officer their-self should then be required to be arrested, tried, and if found guilty, sentenced. If the case is severe enough, like attempting arson on someones house during false arrest, or illegally baker acting an elderly woman while failing to investigate the "nursing home" and doctor for Malpractice, based on a falsified report, then they should be sentenced to Guantanamo bay. ( not kidding ) ,or the death penalty. This will prove to the public and ensure to the American people that no criminal activity should be happening in their department, should at least. It will definitely improve things if enforced properly. In the event the officer has done wrong, they should be tried, and if found guilty, sentenced like every body else. Police corruption is such a problem in America, that the FBI has its own police misconduct division. Let's fix this America. We have the largest prison population on the planet and we're supposed to be a free country. These guys are destroying America and we WILL legally stop them. ALL OF THEM. Please pass this type of legislation, it's only logical. After you sign this proposal, please email the link and a brief message to your local senators, and anyone else. Spread the word and start the influence. It's not a matter of if, but when this goes through. We just have to get people to realize that terrorism isn't just foreigners with guns. It's anyone of any skin color that terrorizes Americans or any other people anywhere on the globe, including and especially police.

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