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All the way back in 2010 in the glory days of Sonys Playstation 3 console, a membership was offered to Sonys audience called Playstation Plus. This feature was entirely optional and offered the consumer monthly games for free, big deals on games and many other great features. And then in 2013 Sony released their next generation of console, the Playstation 4. Upon its launch you were required to purchase Playstation Plus to access online gameplay, which was free on the Playstation 3. The initial price was $50 USD per year and many people were upset about this. But, people wanted to play online games with their friends on their new 400 dollar console. A few years passed and Sony then raised the price from $50 USD up to $60 USD. This was an unneeded and unwanted move made by Sony. There was no need in the beginning to require Playstation Plus, and especially no reason to raise the price another 10 dollars. Sony makes billions of dollars per year and does not need to rely on this membership to keep them financially afloat.

I have been a huge Sony fan for as long as I can remember. Being born in 2002 with an older brother I had Playstation 1 and 2 growing up and loved every second of it. Us gamers just want to play games with our friends and not have to worry about not being able to afford to play with our friends with our already expensive systems. Sony has hundreds of other ways of producing income and taking away the requirement will affect profits from Sony, but would not be enough to financially hurt them.

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