Phoenix Comic-Fest
United States of America

With the exploitation of the Phoenix Comic-Fest security, Mathew Sterling intentionally brought actual firearms to our wonderful event. Unfortunately, that means the increase of limitations for the cosplaying community. In short, the security in Comic-Fest should be increased so that we may once again bring in our props that took us days and weeks to build. To do so, the organizers of the PCF can add security, recruit volunteers or cosplayers who know what to look for, and by doing thorough check of prop weapons.

We, the people of the cosplaying community and the overall community of the attendees of Phoenix Comic Fest, call upon the leadera and the organizers of PCF to enhance the amount and detail of security to allow larger leniency towards props of weapons.

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The Make Phoenix Comic-Fest Great Again petition to Phoenix Comic-Fest was written by Luke Miller and is in the category Culture at GoPetition.