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Card security code (CSC, CVV, CCV, CCID etc) is used by PayPal only in first step - attaching card in user profile. After that, on card verify and on every payment, no CSC is provided to card issuer (bank) and attempts rejected until user disable CSC verifying for his (her) card.

Permanent disabling is insecure, and temporarily disabling is annoying card user.

We, who signing this petition, want PayPal to provide CSC code to card issuer for every payment by properly saving CSC code in card profile on PayPal site -or- by adding additional field to PayPal payment page for user to be able to enter code into, for every payment he (she) makes.

We want to be able to allow transactions without disabling CSC verification.

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The Make PayPal provide security code to card issuer for payments petition to PayPal company was written by Yuriy Chudnovskiy and is in the category Business at GoPetition.