#Roads & Transport
City of Auburn
United States of America

The Auburn, Maine intersection of Park Avenue, Lake Street, and Gamage Avenue is a danger to pedestrians and drivers alike, with many drivers running the stop signs on a daily basis. There have been numerous accidents at that intersection in the last several years, with the latest being yesterday (1/8/19). In yesterday's accident a car failed to stop, skidded on the icy road, and crashed into the porch of the house on the corner. Fortunately, Mark and Gail Shelley, the homeowners, were not injured, but it is only a matter of time before there is a fatal accident at this corner. There are many children living in this neighborhood, and it is time for the City of Auburn to pay attention and do something about this dangerous intersection.

We, the undersigned Auburn residents, call on the City of Auburn to install a traffic light at the corner of Park Avenue, Lake Street, and Gamage Avenue.

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