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Due to the past school violence and with the most recent tragedy in Sandy elementary school, leads me to have concerns with the students’ safety.

We have seen innocent people die by the hands of mentally ill persons with access to deadly weapons and that needs to be stopped before it gets to our doorstep.

We petition the President to sign a law where every school needs to have a security system in place, by starting a badge system where the main entrance that leads to the students' classes can only be accessed by the school staff, and if there is any forced entry an emergency alarm will sound off, as if there is a fire.

The front office needs to have a bullet proof glass door where it's locked, and it can only be unlocked if the inside staff feels safe for the door to be unlocked for outsiders.

As in any banks, there's a silent alarm button that leads directly to the local police department. The front office should have the same system where there's a button that would sound an alarm directly to the local police department and to every class room in case of an emergency.

I don’t believe that Gun Control is the only way to protect our children and everyone in this case. Selling illegal guns, or kids stealing guns from their parents is the same as dealing drugs. There are so many illegal guns in the street, and in this particular case, the shooter had stolen his mother guns which was legally bought. Making to many rules, leads to people wanting to contraband and make money off of it.

Times are changing, and we need to change as well.
Please sign, so we can make a different. Thank you.

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