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This is something I have always wanted to do but never took the next step. Well enough is enough.

Today I wake up to another story of a child standing on a used needle at a park here in my local area. This is a park I take my kids to all the time. This usually endures months of tests and agonising waiting on results

The idea of this petition, that I will take to whoever will listen to me is that we remove all sand and bark from our playgrounds and replace with Wet Pour which is the rubber flooring.
Used needles are so easily hidden in bark and sand and weather we like it or not there are drug abusers out there that will continuously use our parks to shoot up in.

This wet pour will not only help with noticing needles that abusers leave behind but it is also a safe surface for children to play on as it is an impact absorbing surface that cushions falls, that as parents we know happen all the time.

So please help me with this and as parents lets ban together to make EVERY park a safe and enjoyable place for us to take our kids without worry.

Thank you xo
Michelle De Silva

We are calling on each local government to remove all current ground material such as sand and bark from our parks. This should be replaced with rubber wet pour.

This will ensure our children are kept safe and eliminate the chance of standing on used needles that are hidden under this material.

Enough is enough.

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