NS Minister of Health Honourable Maureen MacDonald

Currently health care costs make up the majority of the budget. Recently statistics say that 43% of these costs are avoidable. We believe that the number 1 reason is because Government continues to put their money into paying this ever rising bill instead of providing programs and education necessary for people to learn how to become healthy!

The age group 20-39 is currently the most in active in history. Child obesity has tripled in the past 20 years. The life expectancy of our children is not as long as our own, again another first! This only stops if government gives the people the tools!

Private medical plans cover certain costs however they limit this coverage to an amount that does not give the long term support that some people need. Also they do not cover many programs that will offer that support and education.

Government should offer a tax credit or deduction to approved programs so more Canadians can access quality help and education!

We the undersigned call on the government of Nova Scotia to lead the way to better health!

Government should provide a tax credit or deduction that would allow citizens to take part in approved health and fitness related programs!

This would better overall health and also greatly reduce future health care costs!

Be proactive and not reactive!!

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