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The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy often shortened as Billy and Mandy is an American animated television series that aired on Cartoon Network. It is also the spin-off of Grim & Evil.

Having originally aired as part of Grim & Evil The show began in 2001, And went on to become one of Cartoon Network's longest running shows. The show began airing under the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy title on June 13, 2003, ending on November 9, 2007 (though it was later included in a special titled The Grim Adventures of the KND which aired on November 11, 2007, officially ending the series).

Though this would later be changed to October 12, 2008, due to the special Underfist not being made into a spin-off (due to the expiration of Maxwell Atom's contract with Cartoon Network). Otherwise, the series originally ended on November 11, 2007.

Featuring the voices of Greg Eagles, Grey DeLisle, and Richard Steven Horvitz, the series stars the two main characters, Billy and Mandy, having manipulated the Grim Reaper, usually called "Grim", into being their best friend for eternity after having won a bet over a sick hamster through a game of limbo.

the grim adventures of billy and mandy is the awesome show on cartoon network ever. but on October 12, 2008, cartoon network cancel the show, because the show's creator, maxwell atoms' contract is expired. so cartoon network forced maxwell, to leave cartoon network.

The question to cartoon network is: WHY?! it's an very funny show. It's has very awesome characters like grim, billy, mandy, irwin, dracula, and the one and only, FRED FREDBURGER!!! it's not awful, stupid, and unfunny. it's smart, crazy, weird, and very funny. what we want is: tell cartoon network to renew maxwell atoms' contract and make new episodes of the show.

So if you a fan of the show, please please please sign the petition.

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