#Children's Rights
All media outlets in the United States, and the President of the United States

It's estimated that nearly 350,000 children are abducted by a family member each year in the United States. And among those 350,000 cases of family abduction, only a selected few will make it into the media

The public plays a big role in letting media outlets know about missing children, but what happens if a child is missing and the media does not air it the news? Well... NOTHING happens.

I am now petitioning ALL media outlets and the President of the United States, to make chance to how the media over looks our missing children and requesting the immediate assistance in making our missing children a "Priority" when it comes to our news cast each night.

When a child is reported to law enforcement, and entered into NCMEC, It should be required that the media outlet in that state, where the child is being reported as missing, run the child's picture on their "next news telecast" or if the news is currently airing, to interrupt the current story, and air the missing child's information.

When we receive enough signatures, I will forward this on to all major media outlets and request the proper action from our Government and law makers. Children can't find their way home, but the media can help the public be aware of a missing child.

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