President Donald Trump
United States of America

I like sushi, you like sushi, I'll give you money if you sign. (possibly)

For too long has June 18th been known as international sushi day... WELL NO MORE!!!!

For too long has November 1st been known as national sushi day... WELL NO LONGER AS WELL!!!!

I am asking all of you to rise up! GAMERS RISE UP!

End this travesty and bring these days together on March the 5th. I believe we can do this!

We, the undersigned, call on the President of the United States (Donald Trump) to hereby sign an executive order to Nationally and Internationally recognize Sushi day as March the 5th instead of June 18th and November 1st respectively!

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The Make March 5th National and Internatioanl Sushi Day petition to President Donald Trump was written by Malutar ItsTeamRyan and is in the category Religion at GoPetition.