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RBW (Rainbow Bridge World)

Mamamoo and their production team always bring us great merchandise and material for entertainment.
This time a lot of Moomoos couldn’t get Mamamoo’s 2020 Season’s Greetings physical package because of different circumstances, like: the limited time to buy the product; the cost of product shipping was more expensive than the product it self; people couldn’t afford it because of the holidays, etc.
A majority of Moomoos are still interested of buying the codes for the digital product (vlive+ videos) and because there’s no other way to see it. This treasure of a product should be available to more people, it would be such a waste if it stays limited.

We ask Mamamoo’s Company, RBW (Rainbow Bridge World) to make digital codes for the 2020 Season’s Greetings video content available to buy on vlive.

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