#Children's Rights
Zeb Little
United States of America

We are trying to get a deadbeat parent law passed in Alabama that would make it easier for parents to collect child support from deadbeat parents. It would take rights away from the deadbeats.

Deadbeat Parents Law

This is a petition to encourage our law makers in Montgomery; it's time to have a Deadbeat Parent Law and Registry in Alabama. We would like to have a law passed that would suspend a parents drivers licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, vehicle registration, and business licenses if they get three months behind. We would like to be able to post pictures of the offenders who are more than six months behind, in news papers, on posters, or on the net without the offender being able to bring a law suit against the other parent. Please join us in getting this law passed. For more information you can contact us at:

Deadbeat Parents in Alabama,
P. O Box 37,
Logan, Al. 35098,
Email: deadbeatparentsinal@yahoo.com
Yahoo Group: deadbeatparentsinal@yahoogroups.com

I will keep everyone up to date on the group's web page. PLEASE READ AND SIGN!!!!!!!!

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