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New Zealand is rich in renewable resources and should be leading the world in showing how nations can move away from fossil fuels using solar power, wind and geothermal to fuel our economy and protect our environment.

Countries such as Germany, a nation with far less renewable and solar resources than New Zealand, now has the greatest solar power capacity in the world and has generated hundreds of thousands of renewable energy sector jobs. New Zealand is lagging far behind and as a consequence, our greenhouse gas emissions are increasing.

This commitment will give a much needed boost to investment in and the uptake of clean technologies generating thousands of new jobs in the clean energy sector. In Nelson, the city council has pioneered the introduction of the first solar saver scheme allowing homeowners to spread the cost of going solar. Since its launch the scheme has driven down the capital cost of solar by up to20%, created new jobs and secured over $3m of inward investment for clean technology.

It is only with the full support of communities across New Zealand that the Government will meet its goals of lowering greenhouse gas emissions and the people are ready to play their part if given the proper support and tools to do so. By introducing incentives like feed in tariffs and Solar Saver schemes to encourage Kiwi’s to start generating their own electricity and heat the government will give the people the power to generate their own power to help keep NZ 100% pure.

We, the undersigned, request that Central and Local Government put New Zealand on track to generate all of its electricity using renewable electricity by 2025.

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The Make it 100% Renewable by 2025 petition to New Zealand Parliament was written by Alison Boswijk and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.