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On March 25, 2019 Marvel announced a new game Named “Iron Man VR” They‘ve published a trailer on their YouTube channel demonstrating how the Iron Man VR game would look like. What has left me and many individuals dissatisfied is how the game is an exclusive to PlayStation VR. Many individuals would prefer to have the game available for the PC. VR on PC is one of the best VR experiences in the world. You could use so many VR headsets like the HTC Vive, HTC Vive pro, Oculus Rift, Lenovo Explorer, And many more VR headsets that will be released in the near future. Come on Camouflaj. We all know you can put the Iron man VR game on pc. Please make us PC gamers feel happy and feel joy. You can‘t do the same thing that Insomniac games did which is not releasing the new spider-man game for PC. We PC gamers also deserve love from marvel. Don‘t leave us like that!

We epic PC gamers and Nintendo Switch gamers demand a marvel game on our systems and not on our rival’s system! We need Iron Man VR For the PC! The PC has better VR than the PlayStation 4

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