#Animal Rights
House of Commons

On Sept.12 2016 my 7 year old Pitbull cross Harlow was ran over and killed by an ATV on private property in Northern Alberta.

While evidence showed us who was responsible and after giving the culprits time to apologize, they didn't have the decency to do that and instead lied to my family. After going to the RCMP we learned unfortunately that the hit & run of a domestic animal is not a criminal offence in Canada. I thought to myself how horrible is it in 2016 that animals do not have these rights? How many people have had to suffer not knowing who killed their pets or not having been able to charge someone who did? Our pets deserve justice just like us humans do and their owners deserve closure!

Please help us to make this a criminal offence!

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Canada to give animals the rights they deserve and make the hit & run of any domestic animal a criminal offence in Canada that is punishable by law.

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