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Dr. San Man began writing poetry at age 11 in Pusan Korea when he was confronted with the fact that the world did not live as well as he’d been led to believe. Dr. San Man is a certified diver, maintains a tandem jump certificate, championed the mechanical bull ride, Toastmasters Best Speaker, author, ex– politician, ex-convict, and all around fun person.

Dr. San Man has maintained a diary of poetry for over thirty years with topics that entail politics, religion, racism, equality, romance, poverty, ignorance and life in general. He has fought for human rights locally and on state and national levels causing him to run for public office. He has initiated several youth organizations and wrote grants to accomplish the goals he aspired to set forth. Dr. San Man recently began touring the globe, delighting his audiences through reciting poetry and the spoken word from his published works. “A Poetic Buffet to Reality”, Volume I, She Is the Key and Volume ll, Black to the Basics, the Rebirth, Resurrection and Rise.

This petition is to ask Ybor to claim Dr. San Man in an honorary role as its Official Poet.

Long-time Ybor fixture Dr. San Man is beginning a nine-city book tour, and would like to represent Ybor as its Official Poet. We are giving $5 of every book sold on the tour to R.A.I.N.N. The goal is to donate $10k. by selling 220 books each city.

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