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Please join us in this petition to our government to request that dog and cat food sold in the United States and its territories be made safer for dogs and cats to eat, and be manufactured as human grade, i.e, fit for human consumption, Pet food should be free of toxins, free of by-products that contain ingredients unfit for human consumption and ingredients that are not detailed in the label on the packaging.
Due to the fact that pet food is now categorized as not safe for human consumption, it contains many harmful ingredients that cause illness, allergies, infections, lethargy, disease and premature death to many pets. Because of the classification, "Not fit for human consumption", there is no regulatory body now that takes responsibility for the actual ingredients. Because it is unfit for human consumption, many dog food companies use the cheapest ingredients with no regard for the pets' safety. These ingredients may include meat by-products which are not fit for human consumption, and which may contain euthanized pets and other animals that are diseased or dead. Pentobarbitol has been found in dog food and as a result dogs have died from eating the food.
The ingredients listed on the packaging of the pet food should be required to be as detailed as human grade food. By-products used should list what the by=products are and should also be fit for human consumption. Please ask our government to make dog and cat food safe by requiring it to be manufactured as fit for human consumption. We must do this for our pets, who cannot speak for themselves.

We the undersigned agree and call on the United States Government to require that all dog and cat food sold in the U.S
be manufactured as fit for human consumption. We request that all of the ingredients, including by-products and the details of the by-products be clearly listed on the labels of all dog and cat food sold in the U.S. We demand that the same regulatory practices are required for manufacturing and labeling dog and cat food as for manufacturing and labeling human food.

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