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Hello, my name is Goprom and I recently went to one of my favorite websites that I used to go on a lot is CoolMath-Games. Me and my friends used to spend all the time we could on the website and it was a blast at school. The teachers allowed it because it was more or less educational and overall a lot of fun. When I went on today, I tried to play one of the classic games I liked, Sudoku. I noticed something wasn't right because when I tried to play the game, this showed up. I clicked on the button to only be encountered by another sign up or an option for a free trial. Previously, the whole website was free but now it was $5.99. I told several of my friends and they agreed it was outrageous. That is why I started this petition, and I thank you for reading it.

The reason I disagree with this required account, is because it just doesn't seem fair. I played through many of the games on it and loved it. If they really do need to make a profit, then they can simply run ads on their website and/or take donations to help development and maintenance. Education while I don't think should be free, should indeed be open to as many people as possible with little or no negative sides. Forcing a $5.99/mo is just straight up unreasonable and other ways of money can easily be found and this is why I am against this membership and account format on CoolMath-Games. Thank you so much for reading through this because it truly does mean a lot to me and my friends.

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