Northern Ireland

The Black Mountain Transmitter above Hannahstown in Belfast is huge. The Steel ropes which support it come out diagonally, making a Christmas tree shape. The owners, Arqiva were contacted to discuss putting some Christmas Lights up the Steel support ropes. At 228.6 metres (750 ft) high, this would make it the tallest Christmas Tree structure in the UK and one of the tallest in the world.

The idea was pitched to them on the premise of a local crane company assisting free of charge, as well as an outdoor lighting company - both of whom would have been sourced by the person who came up with the idea. Arqiva's response was that it would be too expensive and unsafe, and that a crane might interfere with the signal.

I think the people of Belfast and beyond would live with a bit of interference for an hour or so, while the lights were put up, don't you?

Belfast could do with a good news story.

Imagine that being at "The turning on of the Christmas Lights" was a simple case of looking out your window, or walking to the end of your street and looking towards the Belfast Hills

Will you sign this petition to bring some Christmas Cheer to our city?

We, the undersigned demand Arqiva change their stance from "Baa Humbug" to "Merry Christmas," and say yes to having Christmas Lights on the Black Mountain Transmitter.

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